Advancing on Virtual Reality

Virtual reality companies are increased year after year and this Marco Demiroz, co-founder of The Venture Reality Fund, is confirmed in a new study published on the current scene in this first quarter of 2017. Demiroz highlights that the virtual reality market has grown by 40% last year and the biggest growth area was that of content creation companies, according to VentureBeat reviewed. This study gives us an overview of those companies that decide to follow, but there are many more that exist or are emerging, not only at international level.

Companies Going Fast Forward

Companies dedicated to video games and entertainment almost doubling, and other areas such as education, industry, health and journalism have experienced healthy growth, achieving some of these startups have solid rounds of funding. “Even with a start relatively slow for viewers of RV Sales, some indie studies generated solid income to move from sustainability to profitability,” said Demiroz. “Traditional venture capital firms also have been launched to RV content creation, and gaming of Asia’s leading companies have adopted the RV, to devote more resources.”

The study ends up highlighting the movement that has been in the 3D audio with the entrance of Korea GAudio and the purchase of Impulsonic by Valve, and concludes by highlighting that lower prices and business focus, could make a big push to bring virtual reality to the masses. We can see the evolution of this ecosystem in this forum topic.

Facebook 360

Facebook has announced the launch of a new application for VR Gear with which we can enjoy the content 360 ° which is hosted on the social network. Facebook boasts more than 25 million photos and more than 1 million videos in this format immersive 360-degree, that we can play with this new free application.

Facebook 360 has the following characteristics:

  • Explore: Discover some of the contents in 360º more interesting and popular Facebook of media, organizations and professionals.
  • Following: It reproduces content 360 which your friends have posted on the social network, as well as pages and people you follow.
  • For after: is the content 360 you’ve marked to view later.
  • Timeline: relive your memories in a new way through your photos and videos in 360º.

At the moment the application only is available at Gear VR, but Facebook has announced that they will continue adding new features and support for other platforms soon.

Vimeo adds to cart

Vimeo, one of the most widely used video streaming portals, now supports content in 360 °, so all those interested artists can now upload their videos. To accompany the launch of this new feature, they have created a channel that serve as inspiration and a school of 360 video that will be updated with new focused lessons both for beginners to professionals. The system, among others, allows you to upload videos monoscopicos or stereoscopic up to 8 k, streaming of up to 4K, customize the viewing angle and other parameters, upload videos directly from programs such as Adobe Premiere and Sony Vegas, sell our videos in a special content store 360 and download them to view them offline. In you can check all the gears, displays and apps for virtual reality.

At the moment the audio only supports mono or stereo, although the Vimeo staff has confirmed that they work on adding support for positional sound. When it comes to embed videos on other pages, these show the icon of a compass that guides users to know what part of the video you are watching. Vimeo Android and iOS app allows you to play videos and activate the VR through an icon, as it happens with Youtube and Cardboard icon. Support of virtual reality in the player’s browsers will arrive soon, avoiding to have to install the previous app.

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