We are sure you were planning to visit Spain on your European vacations. Almost everybody thinks on this country, while they are planning any trip to this continent. But did you know that Barcelona is one of those cities that you must visit on this country? If you didn´t know that, we are going to mention some of them and also a Barcelona food tour.

Now that you have decided to tour around Barcelona, we are go ing to give you some tips before you start walking around the city. All that you need is your own calendar, a good smartphone with a good camera, and a guidebook. If you are one of those persons who likes to go outside and meet new places by his own, you have come to the right place. On this article we will show you some of the coolest thing you can do by your own in Barcelona, armed with just that three simple things.

Now that you are ready, go and start your own Barcelona food tour. Also if you need some tips about a nice restaurant in Barcelona you can check this post of about the restaurant called “Catalan Brewery” or in Spanish “Cerveceria Catalana”, that is one of the most visited of the city.

Let´s make a Barcelona food tour

There are lots of places to eat some typical and fantastic food in Barcelona. The food scene in the district of Poble Sec at the foot of Montjuic hill, for example, is simply amazing. There are cool places like Mano Rota, which has some of the best food in the whole city. Barcelona Eat Local’s tour could start in the morning, and extend through the whole day. If you are interested in visiting all interesting food places in the city, then you should considerate to take a whole day for this activity. And that is because when we say that there are a lot of food spots, we really mean it. We recommend to dedicate one day or to, for meeting restaurants and food places. This way you will be sure that you are going to meet almost everything you want regarding this topic.

After eating, you could dedicate some time for the following activities:

Go for a walk and enjoy the Street art in the Raval district, Barcelona.    

There is no doubt that Barcelona have a lot of cool stuff to watch; every buildings and places in the Raval, just off the Ramblas, looks like being covered in designs. There are also some famous street artists such as El Gordo, and BCN Cans (which is a star with the spray can, indeed). Even if this is not a legal activity, is really interesting and amazing to watch.

 You can also go for a Walk and make a family tour

On Runner Bean´s Kids and Family tour, you will be able to find every kind of funny characters. They also have a lot of special celebrations there, which include some of the best cultural parties from Catalunya. You will easily be amazed with all of this, and sure your kids will have a lot of fun while meeting this wonderful place. What are you waiting for? Prices for entering this place could be at least€15pp (free for children aged up to three), and the tour will extend for 2½ hours.

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