Are you planning your next European vacations? Did you know that Barcelona is one of those cities that you must visit on this country? There are a lot of reasons to visit this wonderful place, not just because of its funny spots, or its historical places. Spanish food and winery is one of those things which makes it attractive. Before getting started with your food tour, please take a look at the following recommendations to enjoy the best tapas in Barcelona.

Where are the best tapas in Barcelona

All that you need is a well-designed schedule, a smartphone with a good camera, and a guidebook. If you are one of those persons who likes to go outside and meet new places by his own, you have come to the right place. On this article we will show you some of the coolest thing you can do by your own in Barcelona, armed with just that three simple things.

After having this information, we could start talking a little about one of the best things from the whole city. We are going to talk about the best tapas in Barcelona.

There are a lot of places to get some taste of tapas in Barcelona. There are some old eateries and markets which offers classic tapas, and also some gourmet bars with creative dishes. Restaurants from Poble Sec at the foot of Montjuic hill, for example, are simply amazing. Blai street for example is one of the most known places to take a good tapas eating. Also If you enter to the born you will check a lot of great places to eat some of the nicest tapas of whole Barcelona.

Other neighbourhood that is typicall to make a visit for eat some tapas it is the hood of Gràcia, this site gots a nice bohemian flavour, young people talking on the streets, nice beer bars to make the afternoon go on, and also got pretty nice sites to eat, sincerely all Barcelona is a nice site to make some tapas! This post of Barcelona CityTellers, talks about the best 5 restaurants in Barcelona according to tripadvisor, timout and macarfi.

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