Counter Strike: Global Offensive Highlighted

If there is something so Counter-Strike has highlighted so and continues to be so recognized, it is to be a game of skill to 100%. Place for the factor there are no luck and the game always offers the same tools to all players, by what in the end almost always who end up winning best they know how to play. Forget any modern FPS andall their innovations. Here you will not find nor a system of progression by experience by which get increasingly more destructive improvements or millimetric precisionweapons that give advantage by having played more time than someone who has just begun. Here the game hours translates into more ‘real’ experience, is better because when you play more we have learned its mechanical, operation of weapons and the strategic map points, not because a system to give artificial advantages.


In essence, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is counter-strike 1.6 for lifetime, with anew graphics to suit what is asked today and with some improvements and minor changes which we will discuss later. But ultimately, what we have is the same game as always. Valve knows very well what is brought in hands, and altering the original formula probably would have resulted in complaints from fans, who want to continue with the formula, which by the way, has not aged at all and still very in shape despite the years.


For newcomers, tell you that if you want to delve into this field of battle and come from other current FPS like Call of Duty, the best thing you can do is forget everything you have learned them. Here he shoots from the hip and if you want to point onlyyou can do with weapons that have zoom, there is no automatic regeneration, so that all the damage we receive will be permanent, and there are no comebacks, so if you kill us we will not return to action until the next round.


Basically, the game we propose unite the team of terrorists or to the counter-terrorists. Depending on the map in which we find ourselves, the terrorists will have to puta bomb and detonate it or counter-terrorists will have to rescue some hostages. All of this within the set time limit. We have to win or that meet the target or kill all theopposing team. Easy, simple to understand, and with a depth playable that has marked an epoch.


If we are running around out there shooting like crazy and with that we acertaremosany bullet, we will end up dead again and again. If we want to survive will have to be constantly aware of the radar, play as a team with the rest of our colleagues, knowthat if we take the knife we will run more, ambush to catch by surprise, be aware ofwhen we are stooping to improve our accuracy, calculate very well when recharging, etc.


In addition, each round will be earning money, either by killing rivals, win, lose, rescue hostages or defusing bombs. This will be used to buy weapons and equipment ina store (which now features a radial aspect for ease of use with a remote control) which is at the exit of each team. This adds the true strategic value, since we will havewhat decide what spending our tickets in each round. In addition, if we die, we will lose everything we have gained, so surviving every assault becomes something evenmore valuable and that pushes us to not commit follies and to measure our movements either. You can get more information if you want about Counter Strike: Global Offensive Cheats Codes on the link.

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