The different types of bikinis that exist

In a special bikini operation you could not miss that swimwear that shares the same name and that with a bit of luck many will wear this summer on the beach, the river or the pool.

Today we are not going to talk about calories or exercises if not how to make the best of our body by choosing the right bikini. Patterns, colors and shapes influence how our silhouette looks, know how it will help us to highlight it, with the advantage that we can even combine two pieces of colors and different drawings This year the offer is very wide!

One tip that serves for all is to choose a bikini that is mainly comfortable, no straps that fall, elastic tightening or parts that are determined to escape at the least movement. No matter how nice you look, you’ll find another equal or better, remember that being uncomfortable does not beautify anyone.

All the kinds of Bikinis that you can wear this summer

Waist up

I must confess that I am the one who remove the top to the first change, I get very brunette right away and I do not like the marks, but since it is not something I can do always and everywhere, when it is my turn to cover myself I prefer to do it with the most favorable option.

Word of honor

If you have a medium-sized chest, not too big or too small, you can choose between almost all the options although it is worth taking advantage of the beauty of a word of honor or the comfort of a curtain bikini (triangle) Allows if you feel like forming a little more neckline.

Bikini with washer

If your chest is very big you need above all a top part that has a good fastening. Those that have a V shape will make you look more stylized and those that separate the breasts with a washer in the middle will get your neck, not being glued one with another, look firm and somewhat less bulky.

Avoid visually fattening prints such as horizontal stripes, large tops or very eye-catching patterns. A tone in nude or chocolate if you are dark or turquoise if your skin is clear you will be ideal, although if you choose for a smooth option you can choose from the whole range of colors.

Little chest

A word of honor with straps and a curtain bikini can also be suitable for a small chest, especially if they contain embellishments like bows, ruffles, shiny, wrinkled parts or even hoops and some stuffing.

Take advantage to play with the prints You can use them all!

If you want to hide a wide back, regardless of the size of your chest, opt for the straps tied around the neck to highlight the neckline.

Waist down

Wide hips and abundant buttocks do not get along with ties, appliqués or striking prints. It is better to choose a wrist size with a low draw, to cover but not too large because if we would not get the opposite effect to what we are looking for.

Highlighting the top with a more intense color, embellishments or a shape that enhances our chest will also help give a more proportionate image of our body.


On the opposite side narrow hips or a little bulging buttocks will be favored with loops on the sides, horizontal stripes or drawings and rather small panties.

To wear thong no matter the size and shape of the buttocks, it is better to be rounded and firm so that it looks good, only fit for the very bold. And if your legs are short choose high-calf panties (Beware, without exaggerating as in the 80’s) will make them look much longer.

For the belly there is also a trick

Halter neck bathing suit

You may already be on your way to getting flat abs, but while that time comes if you want to hide your belly you can do it using a high-waisted panties or a halter neck swimsuit that enhances and diverts attention to your cleavage. Smooth or vertical stripes you will still be much better.

Bikini with ruffles

A good way to embellish a straight silhouette, with little waist, is to boost hips and chest with flashy colors and adornments like flounces, bows or rhinestones.


Although if you are also quite thin you can choose to shape your body with a trikini. Surely you will be one of the lucky few to feel good (yes, yes, I also tried one once and I do not want to repeat the experience).

Luckily there are options for all tastes and shapes, although in the end I almost always end up opting for a top part of triangles with normal low-waist panties. And you have already chosen bikini for this summer?

Different types of bikinis for this 2017

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