Enjoy Barcelona visiting Montjuïc

Strolling the Montjuïc mountain name it is Montjuic, but Wikipedia says that usuallya mountain is a mountain to the tune of at least 700 metres above the level of the sea and just 173 metres is the height of Montjuïc “mountain”. Therefore, we have to really talk Hill of Montjuic, but let’s be realistic, as it would sound, the most important venues of the Olympic Games were held in 1992 on the Hill of Montjuïc and not on the mountain of Montjuïc. But even apart from this topography, call it a mountainand will now focus on the area.
A disadvantage of Montjuic is a mountain, but at the same time, this is its main attraction: the view over Barcelona is fantastic and the nature and monuments are wortha visit. However it is recommended to visit the mountain in a slightly different way, i.e., not in mountain above until you get to know him, except of course if you want tomeet him in this way. We recommend to go with bus or the Cog Railway and from the top down. During this walk, you will find gardens (Jardins Joan Brossa, of the garden of cactus Mossèn Costa i Llobera…), (Fundació Miró, NAC and others) museums,restaurants (Martinez, Miramar,…) and the Spanish village (an art museum, a small village with examples of architecture from all parts of Spain), theatre (Mercat of themflors and the Greek Theatre, “the Grec”), several tourist transportation such as the train of zipper and 2 cable cars Sports facilities and hotels.
Bus has stops in tourism of major tourist attractions, but you can take a bus, for example 150 bus line. The stop is in the Venetian square of Fira towers. This was the route, so I had decided, and since I took the video included… My way, my walk later was dropped out at the last stop in the Montjuic Castle, was as follows: road of Montjjuic Jardins del Mirador (view of the port of Barcelona) Jardins de Joan Brossa Apollo building and the entrance (for me it was the output in this case) gardens AV. Miramar visitor terraces near the Miramar Hotel with unique views over Barcelona and puerto restaurant Martinez and , unfortunately, it was already dark and therefore, toolate to visit the Botanical Garden of Cactus, which is close to the restaurant, carrer de la font-Trobada Passeig de Miramar and here ends the green area of Montjuïc mountain, turning in the calle Cabanes district poble sec.
The Montjuïc Funicular connects the station on a train of long maglev of 750 meterswith the top of Montjuic. During the trip to the fortress of Montjuïc, you see the cityfrom a bird‘s eye view. The modern cabins offer excellent views of the most famous buildings of Barcelona, Sagrada Familia and the Agbar Tower, as well as in the areaof the port.
The Montjuïc cable car also offers the possibility to visit Joan Miró Foundation, theNational Museum of Catalonia (MNAC) or of the Poble Espanyol. A visit to the Olympic Stadium of the Olympic Games in 1992Eight gondolas from itzige, with the all the family can help move. You can in each of the three stations and get off: Castell de Montjuïc, Parc de Montjuïc and Miramar. Facilities are suitable for people with disabilities. Book online, print the confirmation and present in one of the funds of the stations for the exchange of tickets.
Our address is: 30 Avenue de Miramar in Barcelona. You can reach the foot of the Montjuïc Funicular from Metro Paral·lel (L2 and L3), of the “Metric of Montjuic” hop-on bus stop hop-off bus (red route) or with bus lines 55 and 150.

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