Review of the best Grand Theft Auto

Grand Theft Auto IV and its expansions, Rockstar taught us what was to use a system that started, give DLCs of quality and not sacacuartos and enter in the HD and the multiplayer through the front door. With Grand Theft Auto V, the study smashed its limits and gave us a brutality of experience with 200,000 things to do, see and destroy that it moves just as well in the Old and current Gen. Then, if good games in the series have not failed us, why when thinking about reminded GTA San Andreas does feel that still not overcome?


The Magnum Opus, the GTA more remembered, moddeado and adapted – if we can have it on your phone!, the greatness of San Andreas is capable of recovering to its since more outdated technical aspect, since the graphics do not a game, but his ability to have fun, surprise and entertain. And hence San Andreas gives lessons to allsandbox coming to conquer to the genre is the study that is. More than 11 years since he left there by October 2004, and if something got the history of Carl CJ Johnson is overcome at the of the iconic Tommy Vercetti in that orgasm neon 80s which was GTA Vice City. It is not your anniversary or anything, it already was, but don’t need an excuse to remember what is still large, right? Give the link up, put this Welcome to the Jungle to whole milk and let us consider one of the greats of history. You can check here more information about Gta San Andreas Pc.


In Vice City we could dress up the good of Tommy with various costumes; in GTA IVNiko Bellic couldn’t go tuxedo, tracksuit or mobster if we wanted; in GTA V Michael,Franklin and Trevor can change both costume and hairstyle, beard or tattoos. But it was in San Andreas where we had more freedom to configure our protagonist. Based on the charismatic CJ, not only had access to her wardrobe, but to their physical appearance, but full access. Among the pile of statistics, the character had fat and muscle. If we controlled the Fat indicator and kept it under, CJ appeared slim plan. If that State combinábamos it with weightlifting and bodybuilding, we returned some rock with the abdominal there marked. But the fun was to give pleasure to the foodgarbage, and CJ turned into a ball – see and what we laughed from Goths to ciclados and then to matter in just one day?endurance, weapon skill, drivingWe could enhance physical CJ and visually it was easier to recruit people in the ghetto if we had the green of the Grove Streets place – in the direction that we would like to, feelthat really progressed the character, especially when reaching skills with guns stopor SMGs saw that we could shoot with both hands. A set of skills, development anddyes out that was not only curiosity, but directly affected the character and not haveseen again in a more up to date with this level of depth.


Since the first installment, Grand Theft Auto became in that, in a game in which steal and drive any, any vehicle that we saw. Vice City diversity included up to radio control RC cars, but in San Andreas thing grew up in epic form up to 250 vehicles whichincluded 11 types of airplanes, 9 helicopters, etc. What do you want to take a walk through the countryside? Caught a 4 x 4 and climbing. Best travel around the city and increase the Stamina? Nothing better than a bike. Cross with Saints style to San Fierro? Hey, a private jet and to learn to take off and land with care. Or a boat, or a damn combine. But insanity is raging with something more simple than a plane but more fun: Jetpacks. Exact, which Rocketeer nigga could pass through San Andreas and up to bundle us shot from the air. A pity that there was to much, wait until the Black Project mission to catch him. But then the sky was the limit, gentlemen. Not complete without before mentioning a detail that had the game, and each car was perfectly customizable concerning tuning. Vale, not at the level of the Need For Speed Underground by EA, but had aesthetic modifications, nitro and up to ride with the car hydraulic control, enough as to mark the largest ‘customization’ we have seen.

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